Green Finance for Sustainability – Instruments and Challenges


The Second Dialogue of the China-Europe-America Net-Zero Transition Platform will be held on November 8 and 9, focusing on four dimensions of the transition towards a net-zero future:

Session 1: Green Finance for Sustainability – Instruments and Challenges

Session 2: How Philanthropy and Nonprofits Can Better Contribute to a Sustainable World?

Session 3: The Dynamics and Challenges of the Eco-fashion Movement

Session 4: The Role of Youth in the Sustainable Development Goals and in Climate Action

Introduction of Speakers in Session One

Bernard Dewit, Chairman of Belgian-Chinese Chamber of Commerce and a lawyer by profession. He has been dedicated to promoting China-Belgium economic and trade activities and China-Europe cooperation in the field of law since 1983. He was honored with the Chinese Government Friendship Award in 2017.

Debora Lehr is an accomplished global business strategist who has supported leading global firms and organizations to grow their presence in the world’s most complex markets. Deborah has applied her business acumen and policy knowledge to launch the Antiquities Coalition, which works with governments across the world to fight against antiquities trafficking and its use in funding terrorism and organized crime. She is on the Board of the World Monuments Fund, the Middle East Institute, the International Advisory Board of the London School of Economics, and the Sesame Workshop Global Advisory Board. Deborah is also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. UNESCO has nominated Deborah as one of its inaugural list of accomplished global women. She also received the prestigious Hadrian Award from the World Monument Fund for her work in fighting the illicit trade in antiquities.

Leslie Maasdorp, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of the New Development Bank, has over 25 years’ experience in senior leadership roles in both private and public sectors. Most recently, he served as a Managing Director and President of Bank of America Merrill Lynch for Southern Africa. In 2002, he was the first African to be appointed as International Advisor to Goldman Sachs International.

Alicia García Herrero is the Chief Economist for Asia Pacific at Natixis. She also serves as Senior Fellow at the Brussels-based European think-tank BRUEGEL, a non-resident Senior Follow at the East Asian Institute of the National University Singapore and a Member of the Board of the Center for Asia-Pacific Resilience and Innovation. Alicia is also Adjunct Professor at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Finally, Alicia is a Member of the Council of Advisors on Economic Affairs to the Spanish Government and an advisor to the Hong Kong Monetary Authority’s research arm among other advisory and teaching positions.

Mr. G. Bin Zhao is the senior economist at PwC China and also leads the firm’s Strategic Research. Bin is currently Joint secretary-general, Tsinghua Innovation Economy Forum (TIEF); Guest research fellow, Research Base for Industrial Finance, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) Asia’s #1 think tank; Deputy secretary-general for Shanghai at Center for China and Globalization (CCG), a non-government think tank; Member of Kellogg Advisory Board (KAB) at the Kellogg Alumni Club of Shanghai; Member of initiative committee, China-Europe-America Global Initiative. He is also a columnist at Forbes China, a regular contributor for the South China Morning Post.


Susan Park is Professor of Global Governance in the Department of Government and International Relations at the University of Sydney. She focuses on how international organisations and global governance can become greener and more accountable, particularly in the transition to renewable energy. Her most recent books are: The Good Hegemon (2022, OUP) and Environmental Recourse at the Multilateral Development Banks (2020, CUP). She is co-Editor of the journal Global Environmental Politics. She is a Senior Hans Fischer Fellow at the Technical University of Munich (2019-2023) and a Research Lead of the Earth Systems Governance project.

Nicolas Poirot was appointed as President & CEO of Air Liquide greater China in August, 2019. Before taking this position, Mr. Poirot was the Vice President of Air Liquide South West Europe, based in Paris, since March 2016, overseeing 150 sites in France, Italy, Spain and Portugal. From 2012 to 2016, he served as the Group Vice President of Strategic & Operations Control and Executive Committee Secretary, mainly responsible for Group performance piloting, strategic planning, and investment. Nicolas is also a French economic trade advisor (CCEF), and board advisor in AICM (International chemical manufacturers) and CAB CEIBS.  

This event is co-organized by the China-Europe-America Global Initiative and the Academy of Contemporary China and World Studies, with global strategic partners including the Paulson Institute, Intesa Sanpaolo, Yi Tsai and Tencent SSV Carbon Neutrality Lab, and media partner Tencent News.


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